How to Get UHaul Discounts or coupon code?

Many people are searching for UHaul discounts or UHaul coupon codes, and we can’t really blame them – UHaul is the top moving and storage company since 1945. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company started out as a garage enterprise, which later expanded with added franchises. Today, it is one of the go-to services for people with storage and moving needs. Below are the main services offered by UHaul and specials for them.

U-Haul Pods

The U-Box is a total innovative solution that has revolutionized the way the moving industry operates. One U-Box pod can fit a whole room and at least half of an entire house’s items and furniture. The principle is this – if you can get it in your house, you can get in into the U-Box. This pod saves you time, money and give you peace of mind during the moving process. Because of the various pick-up and delivery solutions available, moving and storage has become all the more convenient and has given home owners and customers all the time in the world to load and unload their stuff. U Haul moving pods help people all across the country and even overseas. Using U Haul pods you can get a good discount on your moving budget.

uhaul discoun codeU-Haul Trucks rentals

Now, moving is made even easier with trucks that were specifically engineered for moving families – these are not your average freight trucks. The 26-foot UHaul rental truck is 13% bigger than the next competitor out there. UHaul trucks also come with the Mom’s Attic feature, which gives more storage space for fragile items. The trucks operate with the trademark Gentle-Ride Suspension, protecting all goods and ensuring a smooth ride for the most delicate items. The insides of the trucks are supported with rub rails for extra protection on all sides.
The UHaul trucks are designed for easy loading – easy enough to load right from the family’s house (other companies still need to use a separate loading dock system), all thanks to the patented EZ-Load Ramps, which are shorter, wider and more rigid than other regular ramps in the market. Also, all of the trucks are equipped with towing capability just in case there is the need to tow a vehicle behind, or if extra space is needed.

Other Available UHaul Trailers:

  • Cargo trailers – these lightweight and aerodynamic trailers are designed for increased gas mileage
  • Utility trailers – best for hauling bulky items, like building supplies or landscaping materials
  • Car trailers – with extended ramps to load vehicles with low clearance

* Now, clients can control access to their rooms, make payments, check payment history, communicate with the facility manager and even print receipts online!

UHaul Discounts

  • For hitches purchased online, you can get U Haul Discounts of $10 off the professional installation fees
  • If you take your vehicle to the hitch installation location, you can get a free towing inspection
  • Get a $5 lifetime and unlimited warranty once you get your hitch installed at any of the many UHaul locations nationwide
  • If you spend at least $50 on boxes and/or moving supplies, you get a free standard shipment
  • All unused U-Haul boxes (with receipt) can be sold back at U-Haul centers anywhere in the country

All of these reasons and more are why people want their hands on a UHaul discount code 2014. U-Haul discounts and UHaul truck rental discounts will give clients the chance to experience the best storage and moving services available today.